AFIL Existing Facilities on Storey Lane, Dallas, Texas

AFIL consists of two buildings clustered around a common courtyard. The two-story dormitory ‘Level One, Tier One’ is 5,750 square feet that provides housing and education for up to sixteen residents.
Across the courtyard from the dormitory is a three-story, 6,720 square foot apartment building ‘Level One, Tier Two.
The apartments are capable of housing twenty residents in ten, one-bedroom apartments. However, we currently have only one resident per unit due to the size of the apartment. They are less than 450 square feet. Residents in the dormitory aspire to move to one of these apartments where they further their education and independence.
Upon Reaching a a suitable level of ability, the resident has the opportunity to move into a condominium where a lower level of supervision is provided (Level Three). This enables even more independence while the residents remain in the AFIL community.