AFIL Program Overview

The AFIL Program is a, twenty-four hour educational and residential program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
The Program consists of three Levels:

  • Level One, Tier One: It is highly structured and closely monitored by staff. It can accommodate sixteen young adults, eight women and eight men, each sharing a bedroom and a bathroom. All students receive education in:

1. Proper nutrition
2. Cooking
3. Cleaning
4. Laundry
5. Daily Living
6. Money Management
7. Vocational Aptitudes
8. Health
9. Fitness
10. Essentials of Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships



 All of the students are taught the same skills, although each student learns these skills at his or her own pace. The skills taught by the AFIL professional staff are broken in three segments:

  • Socialization Skills including:
    Cooperation, trust, attitude, responsibility, work ethic, and time management
  • Independent Living Skills including:
    Money management, hygiene/grooming, order/organization, cooking, kitchen cleanliness, household maintenance/cleaning and job-readiness.
  • Vocational Education/Job Placement & Maintenance including:
    Resume’ development, obtaining/submitting applications, interview coaching, work attire, transportation, work ethic, job placement and job coaching.